International Podcast Day

2020 has been the biggest year for podcasts for Spotify

In a blog post on the International Podcast Day, Spotify has shared that the number of shows on its platform has increased by 240% so far in 2020.

In one year, from September 2019 to June 30, 2020, the number of podcasts created on Anchor has increased by more than 380%. Launched in 2015, Anchor is a free platform for podcast creation and distribution. It was acquired by Spotify in February 2019 and operates as a subdivision of the streaming company.

Spotify is doing a few fun things to mark the day There is an Instagram filter for International Podcast Day and the top 5% podcast listeners in English-speaking countries will receive special notifications letting them know that they are in the top 5%.

Spotify is also releasing a Best of 2020 So Far podcast playlist full of this year’s top pods, handpicked by Spotify’s editorial team.

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