Virus 2062 - Spotify Original

Spotify’s new original podcast ‘Virus 2062’ is an audio thriller starring Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal

Spotify has launched its new Spotify Original podcast – Virus 2062 – with popular Indian film actors Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal lending their voices to this Hindi audio thriller. Virus 2062 is the first on Spotify in India to be led by voices from Bollywood, bringing together the real-life couple as protagonists in what is their debut in the podcasting world.

The 10-episode one time release centers around ‘Patient 63’ (Ali Fazal) who claims to have come from the future, to prevent the spread of a deadly virus. Because the podcast is an edge-of-the-seat thriller, Spotify will release all the episodes together.

The original story of Caso 63 was written by Julio Rojas. The show is locally produced in India by Mantra Mugdh under his audio production company – MnM Talkies – that has also produced several other podcasts for Spotify and other streaming services, including Bhaskar Bose, Kaali Awaazein, and Mine and Yours.

Saal 2022. Psychiatrist Dr. Gayatri Rajput ka saamna hota hai ek ‘hatke’ patient no 63, jiska maanna hai ki woh Bhavishya se aaya hai. Saal 2062 se, Duniya ko ek Virus se bachane ke liye.

Ek Time traveler.

Gayatri uski therapy shuru karti hai aur un sessions ki recordings ke dauran kuch aisa hota hai jo Gayatri ki samajh aur dhaarnao ko hila ke rakh deta hai.

Ek kahani jo Bhavishya aur Bhoot ke beech jhoolti rehti hai, ek kahani jiske dono kirdaro ke haathon mein humare future ki chaabhi hai. Starring Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha. Virus 2062. Ek Spotify Original.

In a pre-launch briefing, Chadha said that voicing a podcast was very different from dubbing for shows because of the right voice modulation required to keep the listeners engaged. She said that she quite liked the experience and after pursuing unconventional roles in theatre and films, she was excited about her debut on audio, For Fazal, the podcast was a way to expand his creative abilities and he was tempted to explore more such projects.

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  1. Virus 2062 is an awesome effort made by the makers. I loved ot thoroughly. In the beginning I thought how is it going to work with an audio, but very soon it blew away my mind. MY GOD !! MUST WATCH !! I mean MUST HEAR !! 🥰🥰🥰