Paradigm Shift with Harsha Bhogle - Microsoft

Microsoft India launches is its first podcast to showcase the impact of technology

Microsoft India has launched its first-ever podcast series focusing on the impact of technology in transforming lives. The eight-episode series – Paradigm Shift – is presented by popular cricket presenter Harsha Bhogle. Harsha had previously presented the widely popular Mission ISRO, a Spotify Original podcast.

The podcast will be focusing on the kind of transformation that is possible at the intersection of human and artificial intelligence. Available across popular podcast services, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, the podcast aims to highlight the positive impact that technologies can bring into our lives, our country, and our society at large.

The eight episodes announced will feature the following topics: Environment & climate change, Language translation & cognitive services, Sports, Healthcare, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Heritage, and Responsible AI. In the first episode that goes live today, Harsha interacts with researchers and industry experts to discuss the role of AI in making weather forecasting sharper and smarter as errors in prediction can have dire, real-time consequences.