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Spotify now supports HTML formatting in show notes of podcasts

Spotify now supports HTML formatting for show notes. The show notes are a good way to share details about the things that are discussed in the podcast episode. Well-written show notes help in driving engagement and discoverability for new and old listeners alike.

You can share links to resources or additional information or take your listeners to your social media channels or sponsors. Embedded links are also a great opportunity to spotlight collaborators and guests without breaking the flow or look of your show and episode descriptions.

Spotify now supports custom HTML formatting in both episode and show descriptions. Standard HTML formatting, including lists, headers and line breaks, will all be supported. Embedded links will also now be rendered as bold to let Spotify users know that they are clickable. Special text formatting like underline or italics are not supported, mind you. For a full breakdown of what HTML tags are supported, head here.

Of course, Spotify pulls your descriptions directly from your hosting platform, so start there when reformatting or updating your show and episode pages. Spotify recommends using line breaks to better pace and streamline your show description and adding a bulleted list of your upcoming guests, behind-the-scenes collaborators, or social media handles. You can also create section breaks to set up different aspects of your show for quick on-the-glance information.

This addition will allow podcasters to format and organize their show notes that will make them even cleaner and more intuitive for their audience.