Amazon acquires domain; points it to Audible

Amazon has acquired the highly coveted domain name as well as

The who-is lookup of both domains points to Hostmaster, Amazon Legal Dept. of Amazon Technologies, Inc. as the registrant. At the moment, both domains point to the company’s audio content service, Audible (

This is ironic since Audible does not host public podcasts – only walled audio shows and audiobooks. I’m not sure why Amazon has chosen to point the domains to Audible instead of Amazon Music since the latter now offers podcasts – at least in four markets.

Last month, Amazon Music finally launched its much-anticipated podcasts platform. The service is live in the US, the UK, Germany, and Japan.

Amazon Music has over 55 million customers globally. Podcasts are available to stream on all tiers of Amazon Music at no additional cost, including free access on Echo, web, and in the Amazon Music mobile app. The company claims that Amazon Music has over 70,000 podcast titles available, including many originals and exclusives.

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq