Spotify - Music and Talk shows

Spotify launches a new audio experience for radio-type shows with music

Spotify has launched a new audio experience combining music and talk content. These will have radio-like talk commentary interspersed with full music tracks.

Shows using this format are exclusive to Spotify because they rely on Spotify’s music catalog licenses. Also, because of that users on the free tier will only 30-second music previews while Spotify Premium listeners will hear full tracks as part of the shows.

These shows could be an interesting format for DJs, radio jockeys, and storytellers to create playlists with a highly engaging conversation. It will help creators to leverage licensed music in an easy and fair way.

Spotify has launched seven Spotify Original Shows that use this feature. All these Spotify Original Shows can be found in the “Shows with Music” hub in Browse, or in a programmed shelf on your Home tab. For any episode of a show with music, hit “Explore Episode” on the episode page, or tap the play bar at the bottom of the screen to pull up the episode track list. From there, you can skip around to different segments and songs and save songs for future listening.

Spotify - Music and Talk shows

Spotify will allow anyone to create their own music and spoken-word show via Anchor. The episodes containing music will undergo a review process before being published to Spotify. The new tools are available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland at the moment.