A conversation about the Indian podcasting scene on Podlovers Asia

Earlier this month, Norman Chella invited me over to his podcast to discuss the Indian podcasting ecosystem.

Norman, a prolific podcast producer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, produces and hosts Podlovers Asia: All about Asian Podcasting, a podcast about the Asian podcasting scene. The episodes range in format, from narrative to interview, while painting a picture of how the industry is booming here.

In our episode –┬áCovering India’s Podcast Ecosystem with Abhishek Baxi of Podcast Hub – we talked about:

Abhishek’s origin story: How he became obsessed with blogging and jumping into podcasting

The entirety of the Indian podcasting scene: What is happening there? Abhishek gives us a detailed overview of all the podcasting players in the Indian podcasting space

From Amazon’s confusing strategy in India to Spotify’s acquisition of shows, and India’s audio consumption culture

How do we make the jump to go from radio to podcasts?

Are independent producers and content houses doing well in India? What about investment and circulation?

Give the episode a listen, and if you are interested in the Asian podcasting scene, do check out Podlovers Asia.