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Stitcher is looking for your podcast to promote it for free

Stitcher, the popular podcast and on-demand internet radio service, has launched a new system to get your podcast featured by the platform and help you grow your audience.

All you need to do is head here and submit your feature request. The company states that they ‘look for shows of a certain quality and try to make sure we are showcasing a diverse set of podcasts.’

If your podcast is selected for editorial promotion, it will be highlighted in feature banners live at the top of the homepage of the app in the top carousel. It will also be included in the ‘Top Picks This Week’ list – a collection of shows on the homepage in a swipeable grid updated once a week. It can also make it to tentpoles and other collections and sections that come and go depending on special events, holidays, news, and more.

Stitcher sends out weekly and monthly podcast recommendation newsletters which could also include your show or you could partner with its social media channels in promotion of the shows with things like an Instagram Live, social takeover, etc.

Of course, you could bypass the feature request, and instead opt for paid promotion opportunities that Stitcher offers for podcasters. Currently, Stitcher offers two ad units on the mobile app – Roadblock and Interstitial Ads. Roadblock is the full-screen ad that all free Stitcher users see when they enter the app while free users of the app might hear Interstitial Ads between the shows and episodes they are listening to. To find out more details about paid promotions, you can contact the sales team here.