Poise helps you create podcasts from written content

Several bloggers, columnists, and online publishers are now looking at leveraging their brand and diversifying into podcasts. It’s a good medium to extend their audience reach using the same content they are anyway producing.

However, turning written content into a podcast is no easy feat. And that’s where Poise aims to help. Poise promises to take your content and produce a professional podcast. Podcasting requires a myriad of skills and a steep learning curve as well as the right equipment – essentially, it requires a major investment of time, energy, and money.

Poise can remove these barriers, from content editing to marketing and everything in between. They edit the content and prepare it for audio and then produce the podcast as a series. Some of the original text might be slightly adapted to be more narrative. The podcast can be hosted on any platform and embedded on your website for easy sharing. If Poise manages your hosting, it also gets your podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Poise can also craft an introduction and a conclusion for each episode using licensed soundtracks, at an additional fee.

The service can be used to create podcasts from blogs as well as personality-led content like columns or online essays. Businesses can also use the service to transform their in-house learning content for employees into a podcast. Poise is available at a pricing of $11 for every 500 words, with unlimited hosting and plays.