Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts can now be embedded on the web

Apple is now making it easier to publish as well as listen to podcasts on the web with the new Apple Podcasts Web Embed. The new web player is now available for podcasters and publishers (and anyone else) to generate embed codes for more than 1.5 million shows available across the Apple Podcasts service.

The new Apple Podcasts embed player allows you to showcase your podcast on your website or blog. Visitors can play an episode, browse recently published episodes, and open the Apple Podcasts app to learn more and subscribe. There are four different size options for the player – each size automatically adjusts to fit the width of your website.

Apple Podcasts embed players are available – for shows as well as individual episodes – directly from the Apple Podcasts Preview pages on the web or via Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools.

This is a handy tool, especially for publishers and podcasters who have most listeners coming via Apple Podcasts. It will also help Apple retain and grow its audience of podcast listeners who use Apple Podcasts to follow their favorite podcasts amidst growing competition from Spotify in the space. Since The Podcast Hub came into being, we’ve used Spotify’s web player to embed podcasts that we’ve written about. However, unlike Spotify’s player, Apple Podcasts Web Embed does not cross-promote other podcasts.